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Great swingin´ track, great guitars!
WickedMessenger - Östersund, Sweden

Don't stop, whatever ya do, boyeee
reincarnation of little stevie ray vaughn!
oofah - Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

Nice Breaks
Nice production. Well seasoned band. The drummer was very nice proportionally to the rest of what was going on. Male vocals were very strong. Like it overall. 
Extra Credit: Drums, Production
Reviewed by: beltone

Very Cool Shuffle
Awesome guitar tone here, and excellently tight shuffle courtesy of the rhythm section. Very SRV influenced (hey if you're gonna do Texas blues, he's the man to be in to), which is always a big plus with me. This is a great rockin' blues tune. 
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production 
Reviewed by: bfl_bass

Texas shuffle.
Driving shuffle, I dug it. I would however have liked the tune to swell or come up for the guitar solo. 
Damion_M - Orange, California 

Corner Pocket
This is a great shuffle. TIGHT band (what I've been searching for on GB.com)... Nice performance, good Blues vox, good guitar, nice bass and drums, decent but understated production. This is in the pocket...
RhythmGJ - Amherst, New York 

One Jumpin' Blues!
This Is One Jumpin' Blues! Underneath the bass and drums set the groove. The guitar sounds great! So does the vocal. You guys are headed in the right direction.
TKmus - Grass Valley, California
Space at last!
Thanks for the empty spaces. Most three piece guitarists pack in too many notes in an attempt to cover up those spaces. Nice job!
thecommittee - Galena, Missouri 

Back Beat Blues Heaven
Yea man .. Loved it !! Loved the vocals.... I had the Blues For ____here_____ ! Most excellent Guitar Drums & Bass .. I got a real big KIK out of this tune. I'd go hear you guys in a heart beat !
DWdrus - Townsend, Delaware

Great band!
I love that shuffle beat. 
tieliner - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 

Stevie Ray influenced
These guys have it together and there's some fantastic work here to show it! The vocalist blends right in, and the guitars are reminiscent of Stevie Ray. The drummer does some fine work also. No one is to go without credit for the performance. For anyone who enjoys the blues... I'd highly recommend this group. I would really love to see them perform if they ever came to town. 
Reviewed by: TheCountess

Groovy Blues Rock
This song is a good representive of today's modern blues rook groups ala Indigenous. Great guitar and really good singing. I needed to hear a little more drums and bass but hey that's just me. This would be a good end of the night really drunk kinda song to hear. 
Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood
Special Award: Coolest Chill-Out Track
Reviewed by: nerddogs

Blues to tap your toes and rock your soul.

Yes yes thats the way to play the blues.
spazman47 - Camden, Ohio 

Good Stuff
Loved the music but raise the level of the vocals to make them stand out. Good stuff, I enjoyed it. 
simplyblue - Yankton, South Dakota 

Shuffle me babe
Ohhh .. This is more like it ..Nice suffle good feel. Loved the guitar tone .. yea babee.. This is the blues !! Albert Collinsy sound .. I loved it .
DWdrus - Townsend, Delaware

Blues is back
Good, solid tune. Great guitar solo work. This tune would sound good with some horns in it. Especially during the solos. Good job.
txpoison - Seabrook, Texas

Sit back and listen
Best of the blues
queencastle - Jefferson Co, Alabama

Make me feel good
Nice Guitar tone .. Cool shuffle .. Nice tune. Liked the guitar tone and feel. A 4 from me. SRV type voc. ... cool.....
DWdrus - Townsend, Delaware

Good rockin blues
Great blues/rock tempo. get's you in the mood to party.
coolbear - Lithonia, Georgia

Great song! Tight pocket. Had me reelin' and rockin'. I turned it up as soon as I heard it. NICE! 
StevieP - Los Angeles, California 

Blues git-tar
Almost Stevie Ray...but not quite yet...wish i could here it in a smokey bar with a mug of beer.
bodhicephus - Louisville, Kentucky 

Good rockin' bar band blues
Nice guitar work but the vocals were too far back in the mix and I couldn't make out the lyrics. Vocals were okay.
sachneep - Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Glad I got brown eyes!
This song is great! Guitar work is sweet and the beat is steady, and not dragged out. You could however up the vocal level a little, kinda hard to pick out much in the way of lyrics. Don't undermine the importance of witty lyrics. Overall a great song.
afromario - St.John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Get in the Groove
This song had a good classic feel to it. You sound creative with you chops and I'd like to hear more. Nice groove overall.
mcmmw - Mountain Brook, Alabama

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